draperies and roller shades
draperies and roller shades

Roller & Solar Shades Perfected
Keep everything you love about a sunny beautiful view and take out all the glare and UV rays, with our Solar Shades. Clean Classic, sleek-our shades let you see through to that spectacular view, filter the light, and block out the light.or reduce ultraviolet rays, and glare
Our Roller Shades Add color and texture, , Perfect under Curtains too
From how they look, to the way they work, Our shades meet every aspect, making them the best you can buy.
Roller and solar Shades are clean, simple with smooth lines and dependable operation.
Our standard roll shades have the fabric roll off the back of the shade toward the window glass. The back side of the material is visible on the roll on top.
The Reverse Roll fabric roll of the front of the shade to avoid showing the backside of the material. There is no extra charge for this option.
Dual Shade are two shade mounted together, independently raise and lower, for maximum light control and privacy flexibility. A black out fabric is chosen for the back shade and the solar screen for the front so you can see the view during the day
Why choose Roller and Solar Shades from Bay Way?

  1. more pattern choices than any one else.
    2.Affordable pricing
  2. Cordless and motorization options for child and pet safety
  3. All material available as panel track for large window and sliding doors.
  4. Decorative valances, not just a piece of white wood.
  5. Coordinated shade components
  6. ALL made in the USA