Prints solids and textures All have a place in Curtains and room decorating. Bay Way is no stranger to mixing and matching big patterns. It’s one of Our favorite ways to interject personality into any creative project and that’s why we wanted to talk on how to make a big splash and a dramatic statement with Prints.

Maybe it’s that extra element of commitment; a bold pattern indicates a certain fearlessness and even whimsy. But no matter the style, there’s a way to integrate pattern into your home, whether it be through a large scale showstopper or something smaller and more subtle. And of course, it’s the perfect jumping-off point to inform the rest of the room’s color palette and design direction.


In our home, we used Dana Gibson Crypton Home for Stroheim’s Jaipur in Cobalt to reupholster a Lee Industries sofa. It’s without a doubt the centerpiece of our formal living room and it reminds me of the Blue Danube china that my mother always used for special occasions when I was growing up. It’s an intensely personal connection for me, But I also didn’t shy away from using other patterns to compliment the main body of the sofa. Regardless of the pattern you choose, take the opportunity to give your eye a break by pairing your print with plenty of solids and neutrals and consider the overall tone you’d like the room to set