Lets talk about how you can obtain the look you want.
First it is mostly about the fabric.
Polyester fabrics give a soft casual flow. Where as cotton and fiber Blends can give a more crisp look.
Lining any fabric will help protect the fabric from the sun. and help with how the curtain hangs.
Next is the heading that you choose
Bay way offers several different heading styles
the traditional french pleat of course. but also we have more modern heading like the single pleat. back tuck. ripple fold and grommets.
Just a note Grommet curtains are not good for pulling open and closed. the grommet drag on the rod and the fabric can be pulled out of the grommet, plus grommet can not be pulled across the brackets that hold the rod to the wall or ceiling. So we recommend that you use grommet curtains for side panels only.
There is the double pleat, the inverted pleat the goblet pleat and a few others that are not popular now.
and for fabrics we have thousands to choose from.
com in and browse fro hours taking the adventure to find what you want.
Bay Way offers designer friendly help. We bring the samples to your home do professional measuring and install, taking the worry out of custom. And help you create that one of a kind design.