Lets Talk About Tall windows

Tall windows

Lets Talk Ablout Tall windows.

If you have purchased a new home in Eagle Mountain, Saratoga or Herriman with in  the last few years, you will most likley have tall windows.

The first reaction is to cover just the lower ones.  or leave them open for the light the tall windows offer. Then you realize that the sun still comes in throught the tall windows, and that items in your new home will be damaged by this sun light.  Soon you will see that privacy is more of a fctor than you thought at first. If yo covered just the bottom windows you will see that these same results happen through the windows at the top.

OR you see that the room is cold or hot because of these lovely tall windows.

What do you do?

What are the options.

lets start with the easyiest and cheepest.

Faux wood blinds’

The advantage is cost .

The disadvantages are

1.  they are either open or closed , when you install the blinds. and you can rreach them to change that.

2. they are not in stlye any more and appear cheep

3. poor insulating qualities.

Meaning you lose some of the benifts of having those lovely tall windows.

Next Roller Shades

Advatages are

1. they are in stlye not out of style.

2. they come in many colors and light flitering options.

3. The Top windows or all the window can be motorized so that they can be opend and closed when you want to easily. Our Motor for Rollsershades is $175.00 so for motorization this is a great price.

We manufacure are own Roller shades , which makes it possible for us to sell  our shades at other companies wholesale cost.

Roller shades have a modern stlye and help with heat and cold for you room.

disadvantage is you need to cover each window individually.

Cellular Shades


1.they can also be motorized. But the cost is around $300.00  so you can open and close them when you want.  you can motorize the top windows and not the bottom

2. Celluar shades are the best covering for adding insulating to your windows only Roman shades and draaperies are better .

3. IF you purchase the correct Celluar shades they can be washed.

disadvatage you need to cover each winow individually.



1. Draperies add worm and softness and fahion to a room

2. Draperies can be made to open stacking off the beautiful windows, or you and close them

3.You can operate the draperies by hand or by useing a draw cord. OR you can moatorizes them.

4. Draperies can cover the entire bank of window at one time.

Bay Way just installed a tall window 72′ wide and 178″ tall for $1249.00. So the cost is not that bad.

Yup we manufacture our own draperies also saving you money.

So take a new look at you lovely tall windows and in stead of just trying to cover them or let all the sun light harm your furniture , wall, and floors, Try adding some nice window coverings.

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Tall Windows that have the right window covering can and Beauty to  your home

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